About Me

Welcome to my website!🙏

My name is Dr. Savitra. I am from India and currently live in New Jersey, USA. I am a physician with a specialization in child neurology. I love my job of helping children with neurological problems and their families. I am a straightforward person and love photo-shopping, photography, watching movies, visiting places, and cooking. I enjoy creativity. I started writing articles since July 2019 on my personal life, memories, medical and health topics in English as well as Marathi. I speak English, Hindi, Marathi, Telugu, and Urdu. Also, I know Sanskrit.

After the first article, I realized I enjoy writing, and so I kept going. I started writing more about myself, my family, and the memories I held dear. As a child neurologist, I noticed that my patients often forgot the information, advice, and recommendations I gave to them and their children. So, I decided to make posts about these topics most concisely and accurately possible. I had noticed that my patients loved the ability to go home and read these articles to refresh themselves when they forgot, or even to share with their family and friends. This way, my blog became a way for me to express my personal and professional life so that I can inform and inspire those around me. As per my son and daughter’s request to have my own recipes available for them after moving out, I have started another page “Savi’s kitchen”. 

If you would like to read more about my journey, then you can read these articles:

My son, Mahindra, who is the main person responsible for starting my writing journey! He recognized that his mother has writing skills and persuaded me to start writing. He gifted the domain to set up my website as I kept on saying that, I do not need website and I am fine with blogspot.  As a mother, watching my son help me set up my website has filled me with immense pride and gratitude. His patience and expertise have turned what felt like an overwhelming task into an exciting journey. Not only did he bring technical skills to the table, but he also brought a sense of creativity and dedication that has truly inspired me. It is more than just setting up a website; it’s about the bond we’ve strengthened through this experience. Thank you, my dear son, for your generosity, your skills, and your love.

My daughter, Manisha, who motivated me to continue blogging. She helped me by giving many creative ideas, ideas to write articles and provided technical support. Seeing her work so diligently, explaining each step with such clarity and enthusiasm, has been a reminder of how capable and talented she has become. This experience has shown me that our relationship continues to evolve, and we are there for each other in new and meaningful ways.

I am incredibly proud of my children they have grown into, and I am deeply thankful for their help. Love them! 💕